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special moments in every clavon facility

A   thoughtfully   curated   range   of   facilities at   Clavon   not   only   lets   you   re-centre, rejuvenate, and regain clarity, but makes for special  moments  to  spend  with  your  loved ones and nourish important relationships


Feel  re-energised  as  you  immerse  in  the  50-metre  infinity pool. After an invigorating swim, relax by the poolside, to the rhythms of lapping water and rustling leaves.

  • Lap Pool
  •  Aqua Gym
  • Infinity Pool
  •  Waterfall Cove
  • Jet Cove
  • Water Court
  • Kids Pool


A  suite  of  thoughtfully  curated  facilities  lets  you  enjoy  a  well- balanced lifestyle with absolute clarity and focus. New technology and features also ensure that your environment is kept clean and safe for complete peace of mind

  • Tennis Court
  • Forest Fitness Court
  • State-of-Art Well Equipped Gym
  • Games Court


Place for every moment with series  of  cosy  and  private  spaces. Reconnect  with  yourself,  and  those  around  you,  in  a tranquil, serene setting.

  • Resting Pavilion
  • Family Pavilion
  • Function Room
  • Music Room
  • Forest Corridor
  • Open Cabana

Seamless and innovative technology and features let you work  and live in a clean and safe environment.

  • Book facilities and gain access to facilities via mobile or access card

  • Pre-register your visitors and send them a QR-code or pin code

  • Individual working pods  equipped with powerpoints which allow private meetings to be held in the comfort